Celebrating a Baptism

The Church of England baptises both Adults and Children, we believe that God's love enfolds us all regardless of age, ability or maturity and that children are part of today's Church, not just the Church of tomorrow.

Baptism is usually (though not always) by affusion (sprinkling of water) and in the name of the Holy Trinity.
It marks a belonging to the worldwide family of Christ's people, the communion of saints on earth and in heaven.
It is a beginning, a first step of faith within a human family and it is a gift of God's grace.

Baptism is celebrated either in the context of the main worship service on a Sunday or at a separate service of Baptism by arrangement. Baptism Preparation and rehearsals are arranged according to the needs
and understanding of the appplicants.

In emergency Baptism is administered at home or in hospital on request.

If you are resident in one of our Parishes you are welcome to call by telephone and express an interest in Baptism for yourself or your child. Be aware that at Hardwicke in particular we celebrate a large number of Baptisms so it is wise to book well ahead.

If you live outside our Church Parish you will probably need to speak with your own (Church of England) Parish Priest first to ask for his or her agreement and then contact us direct by email or on 01452 720015.

Thanksgiving for Childbirth and Naming Ceremonies

Sometimes a family may not be practising Christians, or may not be able to agree whether it is right to have their child Baptised. In such circumstances they may still want to celebrate the gift of their new child in Church or at home and we offer a Naming Ceremony at our Churches. Contact us to discuss this further.

Confirmation and Confession of Faith

Within the Church of England, initiation into the Faith is usually in two stages, firstly Baptism (sometimes known as "Christening") as a child followed by Confirmation (adult commitment) at teenage years or later.

Baptism is a once for all sacrament which marks the entry of a person into the life of the Church.

Confirmation marks "coming of age" in the faith and the gifts of the Holy Spirit which inspire our adult life of Christian Service in the Church and in the World. It is usual to attend a series of preparation meetings
before Confirmation, this is a good opportunity to learn more about the Christian faith and make
or renew a personal decision to follow the Way of Jesus.

It is not possible for a person who has been baptised as a child to be baptised again as an adult within the Church of England. However, sometimes a person's faith may become "real" for the first time after Baptism or even Confirmation has taken place. This is not a surprise but real evidence that the Holy Spirit has indeed been active in that person's life over many years.

If this is a very strong experience, it may be felt necessary to mark a new level of commitment and a newly found love for the Lord in a special ceremony. Renewal of Baptismal Vows with a Public Profession of Faith in Parish Worship is the way forward. Our Vicar would be delighted to discuss this possibility with you.