The Season before Advent

Advent Sunday is on December 2nd this year.

The few Sundays before Advent are dedicated to remembrance. All Saints and all Souls Sunday is followed by Remembrance Sunday and then finally the festival of Christ the King.

Christians see, in Jesus Christ, the one who rules over all and yet came to share our human condition. Jesus is a remarkable kind of ruler. He is the Servant King!

Growing in Faith Together

Our primary focus as a community of faith is the worship that we offer to the Lord week by week in our Churches.

Jesus commanded his people to remember him using the bread and wine of the Eucharist so this is our main service every Sunday.

Jesus also commanded his people to baptise and most Sundays we also meet around the font, as he would want, to celebrate a new life and offer a welcome into the Lord's family.

"Baptisms, Weddings
and Funerals"

We are pleased to offer services of Baptism, Weddings and Funerals at each of our three Churches.

For more information on Baptisms and Weddings please use the link on the Navigation Bar above.

For more information on Funerals and Cremations, please contact Fr Andrew directly or make contact through your chosen Funeral Director / Undertaker.

The "Storyteller Eucharist"

We celebrate the "Storyteller" Eucharist on the 2nd Sunday of the month at Hardwicke, this service is especially suitable for families and children, there is a Gospel Story especially for the youngsters, and our Junior Choir sing during the service.

At the anniversary of a Baptism, Baptism Candles are relit and youngsters are always welcome at the Altar for a blessing.

If you don't attend Church or its been a long time since you came along, try the "Storyteller" Service. We would love to see you.

The "Simply Worship" Eucharist
at Hardwicke

On the 4th Sunday of the month our worship is more reflective and devotional.

We sing contemporary worship songs, listen to scripture and unpack its meaning in interactive and reflective ways and share the eucharistic bread and wine.

This service is evolving into something special which attempts to touch the heart and mind as we worship using our senses and our spirits in service of the Lord.

Sunday Services and Midweek Services

Come and join us one Sunday at Hardwicke, Elmore or Longney.

Our morning services are usually the best place to begin,
especially if you are new to the life of the Church.

The Eucharist or Communion, sometimes called Mass, is our main Sunday service. The word "Eucharist" means "thanksgiving".

It is the time when we sing hymns, reflect on the week gone by, hear the Bible read and explained, and offer our prayers to the Lord.

In this service we also receive the Communion bread and wine,
as Jesus asked his friends to do, in remembrance of Him.

Evensong at Elmore is a service of hymns, readings and prayers using
the 1662 Prayer Book (in traditional language).

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This Month's Services at Church...

Every Wednesday

Said Eucharist (BCP) at Hardwicke Church 9.30am


Sunday November 25th - Christ the King

“A Kingdom... not of this world”

"Storyteller" Eucharist at Longney Church 9.30am

"Simply Worship" Eucharist at Hardwicke Church 11.00am

Evensong with Hymns at Elmore Church 4.00pm


Sunday December 2nd - Advent Sunday

“The Advent Hope”

Parish Eucharist at Elmore Church 9.30am

Parish Eucharist at Hardwicke Church 11.00am


Sunday December 9th - Advent 2

“Prophets & Patriarchs”

Parish Eucharist at Longney Church 9.30am

"Storyteller" Eucharist at Hardwicke Church 11.00am

Said Evensong at Elmore Church 4.00pm


Sunday December 16th - Advent 3

“John the Baptist”

Parish Eucharist at Elmore Church 9.30am

Parish Eucharist at Hardwicke Church 11.00am

Nine Lessons and Carols Service at Longney Church 6.30pm


Sunday December 23rd - Advent 4

“Our Lady - St Mary”

"Storyteller" Eucharist at Longney Church 9.30am

"Simply Worship" Eucharist at Hardwicke Church 11.00am

Sung Evensong at Elmore Church 4.00pm