Pentecost - "The Promise of the Holy Spirit"

On May 20th we, with all Christian churches, will be celebrating the feast of Pentecost
which was originally a Jewish festival.

At the end of the grain harvest two loaves of bread made from the new flour were offered to God.
This took place fifty days after Passover, at the start of the harvest. Although first called Shavuot
or the Feast of Weeks it came to be known as Pentecost from the Greek word meaning fiftieth.

For Christians, Pentecost celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples which happened on the Jewish Pentecost. From that day they began to go out and teach about Jesus - it was the birth of the Christian church.

It is also known as Whitsunday - possibly because it was a favourite day for baptism and people are often baptised in white. So Whitsunday was originally known as White Sunday.

It is clearly a day for celebration as any of us would want to celebrate a birthday (even if we donít want to put a number to it!) and also to commit ourselves to going out and talking about Jesus as those first disciples did.

So come and celebrate Pentecost with us at St Nicholas Church, Hardwicke at 11.00am on Sunday May 20th.

Mike Williams

Ministry Team Member at Hardwicke, Elmore and Longney Churches